Red Squirrel eating nuts

As you can see with the number of photos in the animals section, I enjoy taking pictures of various animals and a squirrel is no exception. I have always liked squirrels even if a lot of people view them as vermin. Today was the first time (as far as I remember) that I have seen a red squirrel. We were sat having afternoon tea (a touch of class) at Howick Hall Gardens and this little fella jumped up on the bird table about 2 feet from the window and posed there for about 10 minutes. This morning was spent visiting Alnwick Castle but due to the overcast weather lighting wasn’t ideal for photography. Howick Hall Gardens aren’t a patch on Alnwick Gardens but they have a very interesting bog garden with colourful flowers and as I found out a lovely population of red squirrels. In the time I was there I saw two of them on this one bird table, I am very pleased to be able to share this photograph with you.

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