Red Rocks near St. Abbs, Scottish Borders

I have never seen rocks with such colour on a beach before. I am not sure what caused the bright red of the stone, but it was really enhanced when the waves ran over them. This is a small beach between St. Abb’s Head to the north and St. Abb’s harbour just a few hundred yards down the coast in the opposite direction. There is a very nice walk from the village along the coast to the headland. In fact if you click the photo to see the larger preview, you can just make out a small dot on top of the cliffs to the left of the picture. This is actually two people arm in arm walking along the path.

This photo was taken last summer on my way up to Edinburgh. At the time we were in a bit of a rush (this being the third location of the day). I knew I had to make sacrifices in terms of what I could and couldn’t get to photograph that day. Rather than walking all the way along the path to St. Abb’s Head, I instead choose to climb down to this beach because the bright red rocks intrigued me so much. Worthwhile capturing, but this is definitely somewhere I have to return to after missing out on the classic St. Abb’s Head landscape view.

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