Rainbow over Plockton, Scotland

Plockton is the nicest place I have been to in Scotland and this is my favourite photograph from the small fishing village. I stayed in the Plockton Inn for three very enjoyable nights last month and on the last night went for a walk in an attempt to capture a sunset on camera. It had just stopped raining when I was walking down to the front. The sky was extremely dark and just as I started taking photos a rainbow appeared over the water. It lasted about half an hour and became stronger, brighter and fuller by the minute. I had run down to get some foreground detail for this picture. Using the super wide 10mm lens enabled me to frame the rainbow over the Toucan boat. At this point the rainbow was at its brightest point, a minute or two later it had completely disappeared. I might have a hard time convincing some people this wasn’t composed or put together using Photoshop, but take it from me, this is the original photo that I captured.

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