Purple Fireworks at Blackpool Competition

In my opinion the best firework displays in the north of England can be seen at the Blackpool International Firework Competition, which is usually held in September. Certain this was the best firework display that I have ever had the pleasure of watching and photographing. If you look closely at North Pier in this photograph, you can see a series of fireworks that appear to be tumbling over the side – this is correct, they are falling down with an appearance of water. This is something I had never experienced before but it was like magic, how the pier didn’t catch fire I will never know. It produced a lot of light from this area of the picture and so made it a challenge to photograph. Luckily this part of the display lasted at least a minute and when I realised I couldn’t get a good photo close up, I zoomed out and managed to capture the above image, which I am particularly proud about coming home with.

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