Punting Problems, River Cam, Cambridge

I was very lucky last month to spend the day in Cambridge, but even luckier in how many reasonable (in my opinion) photographs I managed to come away with. The image above was typical of the day; it was very sunny and hundreds of people were out punting on the River Cam. Half of them had obviously never done this before, and I even saw one guy fall in the river. Rarely do I publish pictures of people but here I just had to. If you haven’t figured out what’s going on for yourself, the man at the back let go of his pole and luckily managed to grab onto the wall, to pull the punt back up the river to get his pole back. The other three groups of people in the punts are all very different types of people, from Asian tourists to young school girls but they are all looking at the one guy who dropped his pole, he was very lucky it got caught on the railing. You will be pleased to know that he did get his pole back eventually, and order was restored, but I found it very funny. I really enjoy photographs that tell a story, but I think this is one of the only ones that really does tell a story for the viewer to look at. I hope you enjoy the picture.

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