Cloud Gate in Black and White

Cloud Gate Sculpture in Black and White

This huge sculpture, unofficially known as the bean, was my main reason for visiting Chicago. I had been looking forward to a chance to capture this work of art for many years. My favourite image of the bean is without people around it. To get this I got up very early in the morning before anyone else. After reviewing my shots it does seem less real in a way without people. For anyone who has never had the chance to visit Chicago and see Cloud Gate it is difficult to give a true sense of scale. This is where people can work well in a photograph. Anytime after 7am to late into the evening there will be crowds of people here most days.

Sunset from Coit Tower

Sunset from Coit Tower

On arriving at my accommodation I asked the receptionist where to get the best views of the city. They pointed to Coit Tower on the map. This 64 metre tall tower was built in 1933 and stands on the top of Telegraph Hill. Not knowing how long it would take to walk up the hill from the waterfront, I arrived at 4:30pm (two hours before this image was captured) with the intention of getting some night shots of the downtown area of the city.

This view is looking west, with Filbert Street on the left and Greenwich Street on the right. The church in the middle of the photograph is Saints Peter and Paul Church. On the far right of the horizon in the mist is the Golden Gate Bridge.

BMX rider in front of San Francisco City Hall

BMX rider in front of San Francisco City Hall

Searching for good things to photograph in San Francisco, the city hall wasn’t high on my list. It seemed difficult to find a unique image of the building. Walking towards downtown from Alamo Square I was near San Francisco City Hall. Being my first time in the city I had some time to check it out. Little did I know Dew Tour (sponsored by soft drinks brand Mountain Dew) was on.

At first this was a disappointment. From the placement of the stands, big trucks and hundreds of people, there wasn’t a clear view of the whole building. Sports photography is something I do enjoy, especially on two wheels. After an hour or two of wondering around the track and shooting hundreds of photos I found this spot. Using the 200mm zoom lens I could crop out everything but the rider. The rider must be well over 100 metres from the front of the City Hall.

Central Park Pond, New York

Central Park Pond at dusk

When I first explored Central Park in 2006 I knew that given more time (and a tripod) there was a lot of potential for some great dusk photographs. There is a small foot bridge over the pond at the south east corner of the park. Looking back down the pond I felt that at dusk with the water still it could make for beautiful reflections. Framing the photograph with the iconic Plaza Hotel in the centre with the more modern office skyscrapers around it I love the contrast of the park in the foreground.