Clyde Auditorium “Armadillo” Building – Glasgow

Clyde Auditorium "Armadillo" Building - Glasgow

Glasgow’s Armadillo is a concert and public event venue in Glasgow, Scotland. Officially known as the Cylde Auditorium many similarities have been drawn between this building and the Sydney Opera House. Personally, I was extremely impressed with the design and this whole area on the banks of the Clyde River really reminded me of Manchester’s Salford Quays. Evidently the architect’s inspiration came from an interlocking series of ship’s hulls, in reference to the Clyde’s shipbuilding history. Many of the images I have seen on the internet of this building include the whole building (which I have similar pictures) but with my photograph above you get a better idea of the size and scale by the inclusion of the main entrance and a couple of people. If you get a chance to visit Glasgow I would definitely recommend spending some time here.

Glasgow IMAX and Tower

Glasgow IMAX and Tower

Going from the very old to the ultra modern. Yesterday’s photograph of Edinburgh’s National Monument is probably the biggest contrast in style to the IMAX theatre in Glasgow. This is the round, reflective building in the photograph above with the man cycling in front to give you an idea of scale. Sadly, because of the perspective, the Glasgow Tower looks quite small, but as I stand to take this image we are about 400 yards away from the tower. The round IMAX building amazes me. I have taken many photographs of it, both close up details and more distant shots as in the one above. Maybe next time I’m in Glasgow I will make the effort to go a see a show on the massive cinema screen. Just off this frame to the right (in front of the Science Centre entrance) was a small fair with rides and attractions for children. I don’t think it is there permanently, maybe just at weekends in the summer.

Inflatable Skier Slide outside Glasgow Science Centre

Inflatable Skier Slide outside Glasgow Science Centre

I had just come out of the Glasgow Science Centre, when I was confronted by this huge inflatable. I don’t quite understand the attraction. As far as I can tell, children climb up to the top and then slide down between the “Skiers” legs, being stopped by half dozen tree shapes at the bottom of the slide. Obviously, I wasn’t the only one confused by this structure because I didn’t see any children on the slide. Just the owner sat on the edge as if to say “it took me all morning to set this up and nobody wants a go!”

View over Glasgow from Glasgow Tower

View over Glasgow from Glasgow TowerView over Glasgow from Glasgow TowerView over Glasgow from Glasgow TowerView over Glasgow from Glasgow TowerView over Glasgow from Glasgow TowerView over Glasgow from Glasgow TowerView over Glasgow from Glasgow Tower

Looking out of the window this morning the rain was still coming down, but I had made the decision last night to take the train to Glasgow. After waiting over a week for the sun to come out, today was the day for the good weather. Getting the train from Edinburgh to Glasgow takes just under an hour and arrives right in the centre. I took the sight-seeing bus tour around the city, getting off by the River Clyde to take photographs of the area around the famous “Armadillo building”. Coming across a modern tower over 100 metres high, I decided it must have good views from the top and the picture above shows the view.

Glasgow Tower is a free-standing tower built in 2001, costing £10 million. It is currently the largest building in Scotland and the largest building in the world which can turn 360 degrees from the ground up. It turns to the wind, being shaped like the wing of an aircraft, the tower turns to face the wind, thus reducing wind resistance. Luckily for me it was a beautiful day and the tower was facing the city centre. You will be sure to read and see more photography taken from today over the coming days and weeks.

Sadly, tomorrow morning I am leaving my base in Edinburgh and travelling south west. I am not sure where I am travelling to exactly (it depends on the weather and photography) but I am 99% certain I won’t have internet access for the next 24 – 48 hours, so this might be my last post for a couple of days. But I will be sure to update on the next few days photography when I do finally get back home to Manchester (probably on Wednesday).