The Queen Mother’s Memorial Garden

The Queen Mother's Memorial Garden

After lunch we took a walk along the Water’s of Leigh and up to the Royal Botanical Garden”s of Edinburgh. They are vast and there is a lot of areas to see. I went to see the newly opened Queen Mother’s Memorial Garden which was opened by her majesty Queen Elisabeth II just two weeks ago on the 7th of July. The garden is fantastic and full of very interesting, colourful and great smelling flowers. The small building you can see in the photo has an extremely interesting interior with a shell pattern on the walls and ceiling. It is worth and look and definitely not what you would expect.

Arbroath Haddock Smokie at Farmer’s Market

Arbroath Haddock Smokie at Farmer's Market

This morning I took the trip to Edinburgh’s famous Farmer’s Market. It was smaller than I expected from a market in city the size of Edinburgh but one of the stalls that really court my eye was Iain Spink’s Original Arbroath Smokies. When I first saw this I thought something was on fire and it might have gone wrong due to the amount of smoke produced but I was wrong, Iain and his staff were smoking Haddock fish in a very traditional way. What you see in the photo below is an Arbroath Smokie.

Sea Eagle at Edinburgh Zoo

Steller's sea eagle

This afternoon I went on the bus to Edinburgh Zoo. It’s a great photographic adventure visiting zoos. This particular zoo is on a hill side, although this was a little tiring in the intense heat of the sun it gave very different views of the animals. Like for example there was a walkway over the Zebra fields where you could get very close and look down on the animals. A lot of the creatures were asleep but I thought I would share this close up photo of a Sea Eagle. It was massive, maybe three or four feet from its head to the tip of its tail.

Calton Hill – Edinburgh

Calton Hill - Edinburgh

After lunch I was stood watching the construction work that was going on near Waverley Station (Edinburgh’s centre train and bus station). I think that Edinburgh is one of the most hilly towns I have been too so far and I am always amazed by the drops and cliffs that can be seen around the city. The photo below was taken looking towards Calton Hill and shows Nelson”s Moment.