Arley Hall – Cheshire

Arley Hall - Cheshire

This afternoon I went over towards Lymn in Cheshire to Arley Hall with my aunt and uncle. They went to test drive Lexus cars and thought I would enjoy talking photographs of the wonderful hall. The weather wasn’t as good as it has been over the past week but I managed to get a few nice images. This photo below was taken of Arley Hall and surprisingly hasn’t been digitally enhanced, this is the image that came straight out of the camera.

Cershaws Rooms Building, Nantwich

Cershaws Rooms Building, Nantwich

I have just got back from visiting my grandparents. I came back on the train from Crewe to Manchester Piccadilly. It was a very slow but trouble free journey. I spent this morning photographing various locations around the town of Nantwich. It was probably the first time I got a chance to explore the town on my own and saw some very interesting architecture. The building in the photo below was originally a pub but now has been converted into a restaurant. It has a very interesting and old example of a horse mounting post (not exactly sure if that is the right name for it) but it was traditionally used to aid customers in climbing on and off their horses. Obviously it is very old and can be just see at the very right side of this photo, the three steps are extremely worn down due to hundreds of years of use.

Where’s the Mole? Scarecrow at Wrenbury

Where's the Mole? Scarecrow at Wrenbury

This afternoon I visited the lovely little village of Wrenbury in Cheshire. It was recommended to me as it has a very interested scarecrow competition throughout the village this week. There were close to 130 entries to the contest, which was organized by the local primary school. There were some very funny and well thought out entries and it gave a very strong sense of a community throughout the village.

St. James Church – Audlem, Cheshire

St. James Church - Audlem, Cheshire

It’s bank holiday Monday today which means we all had the day off from college and work. So we went down to Nantwich to visit my Grandparents. Although on the journey down it was raining the weather did clear up and after a lovely roast diner we all went for a nice drive in the country. We stopped at Audlem, I took a few photos of the small village and the canal. Luckily the lighting was quite nice and I thought I would share this image of St. James Church.