Peugeot Cosworth Rally Car

One of the unique cars on the UK rally circuit is Andrew Burton’s Peugeot 306 Cosworth. Above we see him starting to power slide around one of the hairpin bends in Whinlatter Forest. This car is essentially a Peugeot 306 with Maxi ice racer body panels and a four wheel drive, mid-mounted 2.9 litre, 24 valve Cosworth V6 engine. It is a serious machine and a quick search on YouTube brings up some crazy videos. As Andrew was power sliding around this corner he kicked up over double the amount of gravel and stones of any other car on the course. So much so one piece of stone (about 1 or 2 inch cube) hit me right on the elbow – it was a small price to pay for the photograph below as he powered out of his slide just a second or two later. The camera and lens were fine and there was no blood drawn from my elbow. Needless to say, Andrew Burton went on to win the Malcolm Wilson 2011 rally.

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