The Custom House – Dublin, Ireland

The Custom House - Dublin, Ireland

Whilst sat in the afternoon rush hour traffic I managed to grab this quick snap of the Custom House in Dublin. Sadly, I was only able to capture the top half of the hall due to parked cars and railings in the way. I desperately wanted to get out and take some real photographs of the city of Dublin but knew that this would be impossible on this trip.

Irish Ferries Ship in Port, Holyhead, Wales

Irish Ferries Ship in Port, Holyhead, Wales

So today I am off travelling again, this time to Ireland. We ended up setting off a little late but arrived on perfect time to catch the 2:30pm Stena Line Ferry from Holyhead in Wales to Dublin, Ireland. The ferry crossing was very comfortable and smooth. It wasn’t the fast ferry (it took about 3-4 hours) but I would say the boat was only half full. This photo was taken from the top deck of the ferry whilst waiting to leave port at Holyhead, it shows an Irish Ferries ship waiting to journey back across to Ireland.

Birdoswald Roman Fort, Hadrian’s Wall

Birdoswald Roman Fort, Hadrian's Wall

The photo below shows the part of the Birdoswald Roman Fort in the foreground which is today basically ruins but interesting none the less. In the 1840’s the Birdoswald Estate was purchased by Henry Norman who had a great interest in the fort and its history. He added the tower and porch onto the farmhouse, giving it the appearance of an imposing medieval building.

Hadrian’s Wall – Scotland

Hadrian's Wall - Scotland

We left early from Edinburgh to avoid traffic and so we had time to stop at Hadrian’s Wall which “borders” Scotland and England and runs for 74 miles from Newscastle upon Tyne in the east to Carlisle in the west. It was originally built in 122AD to keep the English people out of Scotland and was 18 feet tall in its time. I didn’t walk down it for more than five minutes but I would one day love to walk the whole length of it (blogging all the way of course).