Old Blue Door in Castlefield, Manchester

This is another one of my favourite styles of image to take at the moment, the “grungy urban photo” as I call it. This one is a little different because I wanted to highlight the lovely details of the flakey blue paint on the wooden door. In the original image the brick work was much lighter and the door was not as saturated, but to give the photograph an arty feel I manipulated and enhanced the various colour levels using Photoshop. You are welcome to say I overdid it and the bricks are too dark or the blues are too bright, but right now on my monitor this looks just how I imagined it could look when I took the picture late last week.

The door was found just by the Roman ruins in the Castlefield area of Manchester’s city centre near the Science & Industry Museum and the canal. The doorway leads into one of the arches of a bridge still used today by trains bringing people in and out of the city everyday.

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