Office buildings by Bridgewater Canal, Manchester

I had already planned a photo shoot this evening to have another try at photographing some of the sights and sounds of the big city. Just as it was going dark Kov and I walked towards the city centre via the Bridgewater Canal, so I retook a previous image with a wide angle. Kov was taking a lot of HDR images with his new Nikon D40x (great camera by the way) but I was sticking with my usual type of photograph. The above image looks much more like a HDR photograph than my normal night time images because it is highly processed to bring out more detail and saturation. HDR photography is basically when the photographer takes 3 – 5 frames of the same thing on a tripod, identical apart from the exposure setting, making some photos under and some over exposed. When these files are processed together it gives a wider exposure range bringing out more details in the extreme light and dark areas of an image – hence HDR or high dynamic range photography.

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