Northumberland Coast Reflection

This photograph has been a “maybe” for putting online for a few months now. It was taken last summer on the Northumberland Coast about half a mile north of the beautiful Alnmouth. We were staying in a large cottage about 200 metres from the beach and where the exact point I took this picture, near the golf course. Part of me thinks that it is a little to minimalist and simple to put up, but then this blog is all about me experimenting with different techniques and the documentation of my journey from beginner to photography professional (its nice to have goals to aspire too).

If I were to take this picture again I would have probably gone much lower to the ground and closer to one of the larger rocks on the left of the frame, to me this image is missing a key focal point and a large rock in the foreground would really make this into something special. Obviously, I could Photoshop in a rock but to me this wouldn’t be the same. Maybe next time I am on a beach with my camera I will take a shot to how I am imagining this picture could look. The small dots in the sky are not dirt in the camera but sea birds, probably guillemots. Again, these could have quickly been removed but this is how I took the picture. After looking at this for about five minutes I think it is the soft clouds and texture of the sand that makes me like this photograph, despite its obvious floors.

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