National Monument, Calton Hill, Edinburgh

I love visiting Edinburgh, for me the whole city is a museum. I’m not sure if I will be going in 2008 but I know that my next sunny day in the city of Edinburgh will be spent up Calton Hill. I took the above photograph looking down from the top of Nelson’s Monument over the National Monument. Constructed in 1822 the monument is famous for not being finished. According to records, the monument was intended to be a full replica of the Parthenon (the building with all the columns in Athens, Greece). Evidently the city ran out of funds and so only one side of the structure was completed. Because of this, the monument has be given the nickname of Edinburgh’s Disgrace or Edinburgh’s Folly. Complete or incomplete I think this is a very interesting structure, and on the day I was up there, dozens and dozens of tourists were photographing it so I wouldn’t call it a total disgrace!

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