Narrowboat in Castlefield at night

A couple of Monday’s ago (I forget when exactly) I got a phone call from Chris asking me to go for a walk to take some photos.I agreed without realising that it was raining outside, but do want to get out more at night with my camera, as I like to the idea of night photography. Stupidly I only took my mono-pod and when we arrived in Castlefield I found a fantastic photo opportunity. I have been back three or four times since I took this photograph, but there hasn’t been a narrowboat in this position on the canal since that night. Without my tripod it was impossible to get a sharp photograph. The small preview above looks OK, but when you see the larger version of the photo it is definitely blurred. Always be prepared to stubble across an amazing photo opportunity even if it is freezing cold, at night and raining and all you want to do is sit on the sofa with a hot chocolate.

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