My Desk and Manchester at Dusk

I’m moving out of my flat in a couple of months so I don’t mind showing you this photo. Taken on Sunday this was a day long experiment taking inspiration from the new Joe McNally book I am reading at the moment called “The Hot Shoe Diaries”, which covers how to get big light from small flashes such as my Nikon SB-800. I wanted a photo of my desk for the record, but showing the great view out of my window over Manchester city centre.

Taken during the day there was too much light coming through the window, so I waited till dusk. In the end I had the camera on a tripod and used my Sigma 10-20mm super wide angle lens (hence the extreme distortion in the window frame). With the flash I had it on rear sync using the 80-20 method of pointing the flash head at the ceiling and bouncing it down to spread the light. I used a small piece of mount board to act as barn doors to keep the flash from reflecting off the window and into the camera’s lens.

All in all I am very pleased with the result but wish the window was a little clearer. There is no Photoshop processing on this apart from a quick resize for this website.

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