Morning Mist Yacht at Alnmouth Harbour

My dad had told me that some of his best sunset photographs, had been taken in Northumberland. So when I spent a week there a couple of months ago, I was determined to take a sunset. After photographing a lot of sunsets, I have come to the conclusion that it isn’t so much the quality of the clouds, sun and colours of light that makes for a great image of a sunset. It is more to do with having a good or interesting subject to put in front or behind the sun as it sets as in the example image above. I used this old yacht called Morning Mist, and put the front of the boat in front of the setting sun. I am really happy to share this picture with you as it is one of the better sunset photographs I have taken. But in my opinion I have a better one which I took of the same boat on the same evening. But sadly you will have to keep reading and sometime soon I will publish it.

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