Millennium Bridge at Night, Salford Quays

Last Saturday I posted a very similar photo to this, only taken in the day time. Reader Mike commented that it looks just as good at night. Reminding me that although I have been to Salford Quays about a dozen times, I haven’t been there at night. So this afternoon I made the decision to pick up my camera and tripod, and take the Metrolink down there. The above image was captured at 7:35pm this evening. I went at sunset to scout out the best locations for the night images, but didn’t want to wait until it was pitch dark. In my experience the best time to take “night photography” is in the first hour or two after the sun has set. There are a couple more very interesting night pictures that were captured this evening that I will eventually post, but I feel that you have probably had just about enough of “The Quays” for a week or two.

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