Mercedes the Polar Bear at Edinburgh Zoo

This time last year I took a photograph of Mercedes the Polar Bear and it received a lot of interest on this website, at least one person a week comes to this website in search of the photo. So this morning I got the bus back to Edinburgh Zoo in an attempt to get some better pictures of her now I have a longer zoom lens. The first time I walked up to her pen, she was walking up and down, slowly back and forth. So I explored more of the zoo but kept coming back to take more photographs of the bear. The third visit she was sleeping but lay on her back, I think this looks very cute and thought it was one of the better pictures I took today. I even have a few images of her feeding, she really came to life when the keeper gave her some raw meat. Also, I took some close up photographs of the penguins today, I had forgotten how good their enclosure was but it really is fantastic for photography.

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