Matiu Somes Island Lighthouse

Matiu Somes Island is right in the middle of Wellington harbour. It’s small at just 62 aches and it takes around an hour to walk the path around the island. It is about a 30 minute boat trip from Wellington’s city centre and over summer we went camping for a night on the island. It’s famous for it’s wildlife including little blue penguins which unfortunately we didn’t see this time. The little blue penguins come onto the island at night to nest on the island.

This view is on the opposite, more rocky side of the island looking towards the Wellington centre which is off to the left. I wanted to show the lighthouse from this angle at dusk to show the jagged rocks on the left with the little lighthouse on the right third. I wanted to show the actual light of the lighthouse. It was import to me to show that the light is shinning out over the rocks. The lighthouse has been here since 1866 and whilst it is still in use today, it has been automated since 1924. On a clear night the light is visible for 16 miles into the Cook Straight which is off to the left.

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