Marina Bay Sands at Dusk

As you can see from my previous photographs of Singapore, I am focusing on views of big cities at dusk. On the first night I found 1 Altitude, a bar on the 63rd floor. I was told it was closed due to the rain and lighting, but I could go for a drink in the Golf Bar on the 61st floor and look through the window, which I did, paying $10 for a can of coke, but at least there was no entry cost to get there.

On my last night in the city I felt that I had unfinished business, so I went back to 1 Raffles Place and asked if the 63rd floor bar was open. It was and after paying my $25 for entry and a drink of my choice I found myself stood at the world’s highest al fresco bar on the top of the largest skyscraper in the city. It was for the above view of Marina Bay that I stood waiting nearly two hours for the day to turn into night. Obviously no tripods were allowed, so this was captured hand held.

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  1. Amazing!! Love this photo and despite you taking it hand held without a tripod it still looks clear and sharp. What’s the building in the center of the photo? the one withe three blocks of windows and the roof that spans all three.

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