Manchester Town Hall at Night

It’s my second attempt at this photograph and I am not done yet. In January 2006 I took a very similar picture but on my old compact camera and without a tripod. I did a bit of research this time to find out what would be the best settings to use for this camera. So I went out at 11pm last night, with the camera and tripod and took this picture. Using the right settings (ad a tripod) it is a lot sharper and brighter. I love the light trails from the cars at the bottom of the picture, but I have a problem with light spots on the lens. I figured it wasn’t dirt but lens flare from the street lamps. I just need to work out what caused this and what I can do to fix it for next time, it might be the UV filter that needs to be removed from the front of my lens? Or possibly I need to buy a certain type of filter? I’ll find out and let you guys know.

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