Manchester skyline from Student Village

The day I have been looking forward too for many years is finally upon me. I now have my own flat. After living with my parents all my life this is a very big change for me and as much as I am looking forward to it, I’m sure there is a lot I will miss. I have moved into Manchester’s Student Village in the centre of Manchester. I love the city and I have a relatively large room. Sadly, my room window looks onto a courtyard and I see nothing special despite being on the 5th floor. I did however, find this great view looking toward to city, from one of the old stair cases in the building. The photo above is just a quick snap though, as I have been running up and down stairs all day but I will be sure to revisit this and many other similar locations in the next few months. You can see down onto Oxford Road Station, across to the G-Mex centre, Beetham Tower, the town hall and many other famous landmarks of Manchester’s city centre. I hope to find more interesting view points and great city centre photos now I live right in the heart of the action.

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