Manchester Skyline at Sunset

I have been living in my current flat for well over six months now and wanting to bring you the “view from my sofa”, but it wasn’t until a couple of nights ago that I was able to get this photograph. Basically I am waiting for the window cleaners to come so I can get a clean picture, but last night this sky forced me to rush for my camera. My flatmate held open the window whilst I literally held the camera at arms length. For safety I had the strap around my arm because its unlikely my camera would survive a four storey fall.

Camera survived – but the point is this photo was taken without looking through the viewfinder. It was taken at exactly 8pm on the 14th of April. I am not sure what the rays of light were in the sky but it was fascinating to see it come and ago; the whole sky changes so quickly just after the sun disappears behind the horizon. Within ten minutes of this photograph being taken, the colour was gone and it was nighttime, beautiful!

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