Male Peacock and Plumage

The above photograph was taken yesterday afternoon in the gardens at “The House of Binns” 15 miles west of Edinburgh. Yes, I am back in Scotland for my annual trip but this time it is for two weeks. Binns in Scottish translates to Hills. The house is a small manor house around 400 years old and has a number of peacocks freely roaming the grounds. We drove up to Scotland this morning and as the house is only open a few times a year we took the opportunity to go for a tour. It is still lived in by the family and was extremely interesting inside.

This Indian Blue Peacock was tricky to photograph, but I have wanted to take a good peacock photo for a year or two now, but they are rare birds. I did get a photo of him showing off his tail feathers, but when I processed it for the website it didn’t look good enough for my standards, so this composition worked better for me. I feel that the above photograph is much better than my first attempt at capturing a peacock on camera. Below is this first attempt taken six months ago at Chester Zoo. I’m improving but it will be a while before I managed to get that “picture perfect” peacock photo.

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  1. As I’m browsing through google images for the perfect peacock picture, I landed on this one you took and am still speechless by how breathtakingly beautiful it is. Thank you for sharing your work. You have a great eye for photography, I look forward to seeing more!

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