Lookout Tower on the Coast of Sardinia

The above photograph shows an abandoned tower that I found on a walk on the south coast of the island of Sardinia, Italy last September. Walking up the stairs there was no signs of life when knocking on a large steel door. From the information I can find online these towers were originally used to send messages (presumably through Morse Code or something similar) around the coast to various ports. The island had traditionally had a high military presence due to its prominent position in the Mediterranean Sea.

Over the past week or two I am happy to have been able to get out with my camera, although I realise that a lot of the photos being published are focused more around city centre Manchester than anything else. I have some interesting new subjects lined up and a few great photographic trips / adventures planned for the coming months. However, if there is a subject, topic or place you would like to see me photograph then please contact me or leave a comment below, because I am always on the look out for new and exciting locations, models or subjects.

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