Looking down on Salford Quays

For the past three years I have been to Salford Quays every 3 – 6 months to photograph the area. Every time I go I want to get this photo and today was the day. I was lying in bed looking up at the Beetham Tower with the perfect blue sky and I said to myself “why the hell am I not outside with my camera? The readers of my website deserve some new photos!” So that is exactly what I did. Its been far too long (over a month) since I have been able to write a post and share a picture with you that I took that day. This is actually two photos, combined using Adobe Photoshop CS3’s Automated Photo merge feature. It was taken from the top of the tower at the Imperial War Museum North, which is well worth a visit (and with free entry), both up the tower and inside the museum itself. Even clicking this photo to enlarge it you can’t really see the interesting details, but you get the basic idea of what I have captured here, and right now after waiting over three years to get this image, I am very excited. So excited, that tomorrow I am going to Manchester Piccadilly train station with only my camera and wallet at 9am. The plan is to get on the first train I see and if you come back to the website tomorrow or subscribe, then you will find out in 24 hours exactly where I ended up and what photos I manage to capture.

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