London’s Tower Bridge on the River Thames

Second and final photo shot for this past weekend in London took me to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge (pictured above). Probably one of the most photographed bridges in the world and definitely a recognisable landmark for London. I must admit there is some Photoshop work on this image. When I photograph something as famous as this I like to study the little details, for example, the two flags on the top of the bridge make a big difference to the overall professional look to the photo, only one of them was real, the other is a copy, but can you spot which is which? (Feel free to comment on this). Waiting for the cruise boat to get into the right position in the water also makes a huge difference without these two little details this photograph wouldn’t be half as good. Again shame about the weather but for a quick look at London I don’t think I did too badly this weekend, more photos will follow soon.

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