Lobster Creel at Abb’s Head Harbor

Growing up watching my dad take photographs all my life, I learnt to spot things like this. Whenever we both take photos together around harbours we are always on the look out for things like this, or old ropes or fishing tackle. Rarely do you find a single lobster creel sat on the harbour wall like this, but on my way up to Edinburgh two weeks ago I took this photograph. The only thing I had to move was a small piece of wood in the foreground. It definitely makes a change seeing a lobster creel on it’s own like this, usually they are piled up high against the harbour walls. The only thing I don’t like about the above photograph is the texture of the rock and netting on the creel. They seem to mix together as you look at the image. Having all sea in the background would have made it a better photograph. But mistakes are the best way to learn, especially when it comes to photography.

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