Liverpool Skyline Silhouette at Dusk

The above photograph was taken from Helsby Hill looking towards Liverpool, which is about 12 miles away. In the foreground you can see the River Mersey reflecting the last of the daylight in the sky. As much as there is little or no detail in the buildings, it was my intention to capture a silhouette or outline. They might be far away, but you can make out the City’s Cathedrals as well as the Radio City Tower.

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  1. Great view. I saw a similar view, but in reverse, on Sunday. I was standing at about the 340m countour line on a public lane in Chinley north Derbyshire. The air was clear, hot but no shimmer, and no clouds. With binoculars I could see the major buildings of Liverpool including both cathedrals, the radio city tower, and the cranes at Seaforth. The distance as crow flies was over 42 miles.

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