Lights inside Barter Book Shop

On the day we arrived in Northumberland we had a little time to kill and my dad really wanted to take me to a place in Alnwick called “Barter Books”. Evidently it was a very interesting second hand book shop. From the outside it looks very interesting, as it was once Alnwick station so had a lot of traditional station style architecture. Inside, (apart from hundreds of old books) there was a modern railway running around on a track just above our heads. Obviously I tried to get some photographs of this but it was a little dark in the book shop so I wasn’t too happy with the results. However, at the very back of this large book shop was this interesting lighting feature on the way just crying out to be photographed. To me it looks like a sunset or sunrise, the long red lights look like rays of light coming from a centre point. I haven’t edited the colours or levels in the above image to give you a much more accurate idea of what this lighting installation actually looked like.

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