King’s College from The Backs – Cambridge

An early start for a Saturday morning as I took a day trip down to Cambridge. My Great Aunt and Uncle were attending a garden party at Queens’ College and so I came along for the ride to take photographs. Luckily they had time to show me around a few of the colleges and the weather really turned out great. The picture above is one of about a dozen I took today that I would like to eventually share with you. The river in the foreground is the River Cam, I was stood on “The Backs” watching the crowds of people punting up and down the river. The bridge to the far left of the picture is Clare Bridge, leading the large building (part of Clare College). The larger building to the far right is probably the most famous University building, King’s College Chapel. Founded in 1209 AD this university features a collection of the most impressive buildings I have had the privilege to photograph. Many people in my family studied at Cambridge University, in particular at Queens’ College. I look forward to sharing more images from today sometime in the future.

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  1. Mr O’Keefe, I love everything about this picture (eg the scene itself, your “compostion” of the scene, etc.). How can I order a poster-size copy of it? Have a lovely poster of Oxford and would like to place them both on the same wall.

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