Internet Access in Edinburgh

Do not be afraid because I can confirm, they do have internet access and it isn’t just in this “DVD Centre but it’s in loads of places (just like at home). Joking aside I was walking back from Leith down Leith Walk towards Edinburgh city centre were I was staying. Unfortunately I noticed this shop out of the corner of my eye and thought about it, a couple of minutes later I turned around and walked back to get this picture. This photograph wasn’t taken in the most desirable area of Edinburgh but I couldn’t notice some funny graffiti like this and not take its picture. Before you comment that it says Afaid, the R is on the side of the wall which we can’t see from this angle. Unfortunately it would have meant crossing the road and too much of the street furniture in the way. Clearly if you are reading this, you are not afraid of the internet access, well done and thanks for reading!

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