Industrial Waste Bins found in Manchester

The above photograph is something that I never thought would go on the blog. It was my final day to photograph food related things in Manchester city centre yesterday and so I went out for an early morning shoot around the Deansgate area of the city. The majority of the pictures taken were looking at the fronts (entrances where customers come through) and backs (where food goes in and waste comes out). When really looking down the back streets I came across this small road behind King Street and St. Ann’s Square where some of the very exclusive bars, restaurants and shops are located.

At this point there were about a dozen industrial bins all lined up in a row, and so using a small aperture like f/4 on the camera I was able to focus on the logo of the bin closest to the camera and put the rest of them out of focus. The reason why this wasn’t to be published on here is because it was taken for my University coursework but after showing it to a group of fellow students they said that there was something about it they really liked in an experimental and artistic way. Personally, I have mixed feels about whether or not this is a good or bad picture, I guess sometimes it doesn’t matter.

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