Imperial War Museum North and CCTV

I saw this CCTV camera whilst stood watching another photographer taking a photo across the canal and a memory came back to me. Almost two years ago to the day I was stood here and took this picture on my old compact camera. So I thought, lets re-take the picture and see if and how my skills have changed and / or developed over the 24 month period. So above you can see the picture taken last Friday on my photo walk around “The Quays”. I used a little post-production to bring out the great blue and gold colour contrast, but it is strange how when you see the two photos like this how both are framed with the war museum going off into the bottom right hand corner. Below you can see the original image, one of the first to go on the website taken with my old Canon compact two years ago. I think I can safely say I have improved with experience.

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