Icing Flowers Detail on Birthday Cake

The natural light was falling on this birthday cake at the perfect angle when I took this photograph and although at first it was almost deleted, on closer inspection it appeared very sharp so I thought it might be worth processing. Taken last year outside in the garden as a simple snap shot, hand held no tripod or other kind of camera support here. I think what probably put me off sharing it with you back in Easter is because I didn’t get all the flowers in, being some what of a perfectionist I like to include all the detail that is there, but more often I am finding with photography that if you focus in on the details you can produce very different images like the one above. I’m sure if I had taken a picture of the whole cake on the table and posted it on the blog, your eyes would have been drawn in to this detail of the flowers, so why not cut out that process, zoom in on the flowers and in my opinion this resulted in a much better still life photograph of the flowers made from icing on the birthday cake.

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