Hong Kong from The Peak

Hong Kong has been on my list of cities to explore for many years. Inspired by Trey Radcliff’s photograph, seen on his blog over 10 years ago. I’ve wanted to go to Hong Kong and get my own take on this cityscape photograph. I’d planned to visit the city on my backpacking trip through South East Asia in 2012, but it never happened. So last year I spent a couple of nights exploring this amazing city and planning this photograph. Taken from the top of the Peak Tower. I had scoped out of the location in the day. Taking the iconic Peak Tram early one morning. When it came to it, the tram wait times were over two hours. I had given myself plenty of time before sunset. So I purchased a bottle of cold water and walked up from Hong Kong Park to the peak. In the 30°C heat it took me about an hour. It was well worth the effort as this is by far my favourite photograph of 2017.

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