Lochside Highland Bull, Scotland

Strangely when I thought of going to the highlands, I thought of the great landscapes, picturesque lochs and huge mountains, but completely forgot that there would be highland cattle. So when I first saw them grazing at the side of the road it was an exciting surprise to think, “Oh yeah, I will actually get a photo of a highland cow on this trip”.

After a few days of being in this area of Scotland I had seen a few herds of cows and attempted a few “wildlife through the car window” photos, but my results were less than spectacular. It turns out that these cows are more interested in fresh grass than providing a beautiful background!

Whilst driving, the single track road was blocked by the largest herd of highland cattle we came across (maybe 20 or 30 of the beasts). Obviously we proceeded slowly and with caution through them. Putting the camera out of the window I was able to grab this quick snap show of the bull, a scary looking chap to say the least!

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