Hatea River to Whangārei Falls

When visiting the Whangārei Falls it is well worth taking the time to go south from the car park into the trees. The footpath leads down to the Hatea River away from the falls. After years of photographing waterfalls I find it worth exploring as many angles of the falls that you can, both close up and far away. This photograph was taken only about 400 metres away. The trees in the foreground frame the waterfall. At first I wasn’t going to get my camera out for this one. The footbridge was “in the way”. On second thought I am glad I did set up the camera and tripod. There were even a couple of people closer to the falls. You can’t see them as the camera is quite low to the water. I like how the trees obsucure most of the sky and how the Hatea River leads the eye through the photograph to the falls.

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