Happy horse in the evening light

After a very long day of photography, I decided to go for a walk from Romaldkirk along Egglestone Lane to the River Tees. There was a nice evening light and I came across a field with a couple of horses in it. I have photographed animals before, and it is a difficult art. You have about 30 – 60 seconds when they are close to you that they are interested in you. After that they realise you have no food and walk away, I have found horses are the least patient animal to photograph, cows for example will give you a little longer and sheep even less. To get this picture above I walked along the wall till where the sun light would give a nice side / back light to the horse. The called the horse over, using burst mode I got about eight photos and this was the best one. I like to think he is smiling, he almost licked my camera lens at one point. Shame about not getting the top of the animals ears in the frame but with the limited time I did my best.

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