H2O (water) on Steamed up Window

Firstly and most importantly, happy mother’s day to my mum and to all the mother’s reading this. Secondly, I am hoping to enter a couple of images later this week into a photographic competition entitled “H2O”. After browsing through Flickr for inspiration I found this photograph of the word condensation, it was written in the condensation on a window. It give me the “idea” to try my own condensation photograph using the H2O symbol instead. Before you comment saying that I did it wrong, I know and it doesn’t matter to me that the 2 should have been lower. I took this photograph by using a kettle which I boiled up about a dozen times next the a window. I had the camera on a tripod and wrote the H2O with my finger on the window. It had been raining but at the time I took this photograph I think it was starting to snow outside. I am just unsure if it is good enough to enter. Please comment if you think it is good enough for a competition or not? Can you read the H2O clearly enough?

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