Grevy’s Zebra eating grass at Edinburgh Zoo

The Zebra area at Edinburgh Zoo is fantastic for studying the animals and photographing them, there is no wire fence or people in the background. They have a large field to graze in at the top of the zoo (which is on a hill). Visitors can walk out onto a long walk way of around 100 metres into the field. This walk way is about 6 feet off the ground so you look down on the animals as they walk around and beneath you. This is why it appears I am looking down on the Zebra whilst taking this photo, it isn’t a strangely small Zebra, just I was standing 6 feet off the ground. Looking the other way gave even better views than the monkeys had lower down the hill at their enclosure. As long as you don’t mind the steep walk up the hill, this zoo is fantastic for seeing animals up close.

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