The Great Orme headland, Llandudno

On the map the Great Orme just looks like a small headland, but when you get there it is amazing what can be found up there. There are landscaped gardens in an area known as the Happy Valley, a cable car, an artificial ski slope and one of the longest toboggan runs in the UK. The above photograph was taken from Llandudno pier looking towards the tip of the headland. Last week I was showing my grandparents a few of my recent photographs of Wales. They took me to this part of the world a number of time as a child and when my grand mother saw this photograph she said “Oh the crocodile land”. I don’t know about you but I can see where she is coming from, because it really does look like the head of a crocodile or alligator from the side. Just to give you some idea of scale, the line along the length of the headland is a road called Marine Drive. There are cars on it, but from this distance they are too small to make out – that makes this one big croc!

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