Grassmere Wide Angle Landscape

Having two cameras might seem a little over the top, but it was for photos like this that I looked forward to being able to carry both. For a long time I just used one camera body, but as I started to buy more lenses I began switching them on and off my camera a lot more. The primary reason for me getting a newer camera body was to have a back-up if and when my camera was to have a problem when out on a job. However, on days out with the camera like this one, the advantage of a camera over each shoulder really becomes a great help. I was able to have my 18-200mm VR lens on the newer body and 10-20mm super wide angle on the older body,  giving me a huge range. Lifting up my Nikon D300 at 18mm the lens didn’t get as much of this interesting shadow detail as I wished. Now normally that would have meant a walk back to the car to grab the other lens, however this time I was able to just grab the second camera and get this photograph before the light changed on me.

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