Glass roof at Royal Exchange Theatre

Last Saturday my Uncle and his family came up to visit me from Reading and wanted to look around the city of Manchester. Whilst finding somewhere to eat it was suggested that we went to the cafe within the Royal Exchange. This is a large Victorian building which was traditionally used for cotton trading up until 1968. I had walked past many times but never actually gone inside. The photograph above shows the inside of the colourful dome, but the most interesting part for me is the theatre itself. Just below the view on the picture is a seven sided steel and glass module at squats in the main hall of the building and looks like a space ship. Inside is the round theatre with seating for about 400 people. Even though there was light shining through this large glass dome it was still very dark in terms of photography so I will have to go back with a tripod and a wide angle lens, to get some images of the actual theatre itself. It definitely wasn’t what I had expected and is worth a visit to anyone who hasn’t seen it before.

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