Garsdale Valley, Yorkshire Dales

After one of the best weekends for taking photos I have had I am headed home. Rather than heading towards the M6 motorway on the route we came (through Swaledale), I wanted to see a new area of the Dales. We took the A684 through Wensleydale, stopping at the Wensleydale creamery where I brought some delicious cheese (Wallace and Gromit style). The photograph above was taken standing in the carpark at Garsdale, about 15 miles west of Howes and 5 or 10 miles east of the M6, just next to the A684 road which we travelled along. I don’t think this route is quite as picturesque as the Swaledale road but I love the line of three clouds in this picture, just adds to the beauty of this photograph.

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