Fred Aldous Art Shop Doorway, Manchester

The above photograph shows the artwork in the doorway of Fred Aldous, Manchester’s largest supplier of Art, Craft and Design materials based in the heart of the Northern Quarter. As a design student you can imagine I enjoy visiting and browsing art shops. On a recent visit to Fred Aldous art shop I noticed this quite large stone art work.

Unfortunately it was rather late in the day and so there was little light in the dark doorway. Still, by using a monopod as my camera support I was able to get this image reasonably sharp (for web viewing at least). It seemed only logical to remove all colour from the image as the only colours were a blue tint on the left (from the outside) and a yellow tint on the right of the image (from inside the doorway).

I think the thing that drew me to take this picture is that the more you look at it, the more details you start to see the hands, different types of art equipment, brushes etc. It isn’t my best or favourite image, but something that I saw in my day to day life that I couldn’t walk past without at least trying to record photographically.

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