Four Penguins in the Zoo

Whenever I visit a zoo I always bring my camera and I always shoot hundreds of photographs of as many animals as I can. Recently I have been trying to remove as much of the blurred and unpublishable photographs from my archives as possible. In doing so I came across the above picture taken at the fantastic penguin area of Edinburgh Zoo. The photograph seems to tell a story in my opinion. Maybe I am crazy,  but doesn’t it look as though the one in the middle is saying “Do you really want me to go in there with him?” and the two on the right seem to be trying to encourage him to jump in the water. Maybe it’s some sort of penguin swimming lesson. Which leads me to think, do penguins take swimming lessons? Which then leads me to think it is time to get out of the house with my camera and capture some new photographs, rather than go crazy looking through thousands of old images!

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