First Choice Boeing 757-200 Taking Off

It isn’t often that I share my mistakes with you, most of the photographs I blog about (at least in the last 12 months) I have been very happy with, but this photo is a mistake and hopefully you can learn from this. Taken at Manchester Airport it really looks as if this plane has just left a grass runway, this is an optical illusion because a plane of such size couldn’t land on grass. The camera was a such a low angle and there was quite a distance to the runway that it didn’t appear on the above photograph.

That is an error that I can live with (it’s pretty cool in my opinion actually) but the worst thing is this annoying tree on the right side of the picture. It is very intrusive and at first glance it could seem that the plane is flying into the tree. Fortunately this tree was much closer to me than the plane, hence why the camera blurred out the tree and kept the plane nice and sharp. Personally, with out the tree this would have been an excellent photograph. Feel free to add your comments below.

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